Weather forecasting service for any endeavor under the sun.

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We at Metro-Weather.Net Forecasts are now able to
offer your business interest our exclusive
forecasting services at a small fraction of what our
competitors have set as the market price. That begs
the question, "why should I pay for a professional
weather forecasting service?"

Most of the weather information you can search for
on the web comes from a variety of sources, some
good, some not so good. Most of the time there is
nothing wrong with this information, except it is cut
and pasted to fit into different geographical
locations. With such cut and pasting, the information
sometimes looses it's accuracy.   That's not local-
casting. We at Metro-Weather.Net Forecasts do local
casting for any region from national, regional, state,
local, city, and even down to your own zip code. Not
to brag, but we are very good at it also.

Ever heard the talk, "those weather people don't
know what they are talking about.....they are all
guessing"? Yes, it is true, when you use the cut and
paste, one size fits all method you are going to make
mistakes. Sometimes mistakes can costs lives,
especially when it comes to severe weather. We at
Metro-Weather.Net Forecasts practice an old time
method called "Attention to detail". In other words,
we actually look out the window before we open our
mouths. Granted we can't open a window in each city
we service, but we do pay attention to  the laws of
physics, thermodynamics, local and regional
climatology, computerized forecasting models, and
how to interpret and apply the model guidance,
identifying temperature and moisture and its
trajectory, etc. We can truly say while forecasting
weather is a science, really it also incorporates an art

David V. Barger and his Metro-Weather.Net Forecasts
offers close to 30 years of broadcast weather

professionalism and severe storm forecasting and
can provide you a truly customized forecasting
service at a reasonable price. A price any business,
no matter how small or large can easily afford.

Call or email today for a free price quote and a
plan to make your business more Weather Wise.
“During our time together in the
KMBZ newsroom, everyone
marveled at how, when
compared to the other weather
providers we had to chose from
at the time, David's forecasts
were exceptionally accurate
and easy to understand. No
pedantic need to show off that
he was an expert, he simply
knew what the weather was
going to be and was able to
communicate it very affably.
And when the weather turned
bad, David was calmly in
command which further
established KMBZ's "Operation
Stormwatch" in becoming one
of the most widely recognized
services in all of Kansas City
broadcast media.”

M. Elder

"David's priority is meeting
business objectives and
enhancing the public image of
the company. I can always
count on him for good ideas,
assistance, and teamwork."

L. Hansen
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