Chief Meteorologist, David V. Barger has
almost 30 years now in the practice of
Broadcast Meteorology. He is currently
Severe Storms Meteorologist at
KCMetroWeather in Kansas City , on Channel
20 of Time Warner Cable.

His history in the weather business actually
got started as a child here in the Midwest .
Whenever severe weather warnings would be
issued, he actually was so scared he would
run and hide under the bed, in the closet, or
anywhere he thought would be safe from the
storms. Wizard of Oz? Forget it.

As he grew though, his interest in severe
storms and what makes them occur lead him
into the study of meteorology. Severe
weather forecasting just came natural to him.

David has served as chief meteorologist in
cities such as Wichita, Ks., Omaha, Ne.,
Springfield, Mo., Shreveport, La., Oklahoma
City, Ok., Topeka, Ks., Kansas City Metro
Area, Joplin, Mo., and at hundred of small
stations throughout Oklahoma, Texas and
Southern Kansas affiliated with the Oklahoma
News Network. He chased the 1991 Andover
Tornado, and the 1990 Hesston Kansas F5
Tornado having to duck into a farmers
tornado haven when another tornado the
same day touched down near Sedgwick
Kansas 1/2 mile from his chase vehicle.

David has served as the official meteorologist
of the Kansas City T-bones baseball club, the
current northern league champions. He also
reported weather forecasts for Kansas City
Chiefs and Kansas City Royals home games
on Metro Sports, on Time Warner Cable,  here
in Kansas City.

David also has entertained students at
school assemblies, given severe weather
seminars at shopping malls and businesses,
and did what he loves the most, chased
storms in the Midwest. David has always had
the uncanny knack of being at the right place
at the right time, and has seen numerous
tornadoes "in the wild" throughout his career.

David is currently a member in good standing
of the National Weather Association. He is
also a volunteer at his home church, United
Methodist Church of the Resurrection in
Leawood Kansas working on camera, lights,
graphics, and directing the various Sunday

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Metro-Weather Forecasts
Chief Meteorologist
David V. Barger
Sedgwick Kansas 1990

This one almost ended my
career earlier than I hoped!
Andover Kansas 1991

This is as the storm left the
city.  Big, very big tornado
Topeka Kansas 1966

This is the monster that got
me started. We lived just west
of the city at that time.
“David brings unstoppable
positive energy, enthusiasm
and flexibility to all of his
varied roles..... He continues
to become more expert in his
areas and indispensible."

L. Peterson
"He was responsible for most
of the business growth and
key relationships that took
our organization to the next
level. I would highly
recommend David in any
endeavor and am honored to
have worked with him in the

H. Davis-Richards
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