QsCafe Recipes  The Internet Cafe of the mind where hip cats get the best culinary ideas
Welcome to QsCafe, the internet cafe
of the mind. Here you will find tested
recipes from Qlabs that have graced
our tables at the Cafe. The whole story
got started in Norman, Oklahoma
when Q was discovered at a local pet
store and got a great home.
I was creating some edible delight and started to give me direction.
Oh, he spoke Cat only, but I got the message and QsCafe was born
from that moment on. We had tons of great times together in the
kitchen and each and every recipe bears the Q seal of approval. I
would not have it any other way. Our Founder and my dear
companion Q passed away on Easter Sunday 2006, and will be
missed by myself and all who knew him. So now, get ready to sample
all the great dishes that Q and I gathered in our travels all over. That
being said, grab a glass of wine, your favorite people, and watch as we
unfold the magic.